Happy 16th Birthday Amber! You are such a sweet, kind, funny person and I love you so much. You understand me and don’t ever mind when i’m having a bad day and need to vent to someone, you always listen and try your hardest to make me feel better and cheer me up. You have the perfect music taste and i always have so much fun when we fangirl together about Brent Kutzle, Matty Healy, Sammy, and Danny of course xD and of course its always hilarious when we get started on muke or phan and how many other ships you have xD i appreciate you a lot and love you so much, and no matter what we’ll always be friends whatever anyone says about it. I hope you have a fabulous birthday and i’m always here for you, okay? <3

melonbraders said: Happy 16th Birthday Amber!! I hope you have an amazing day filled with happiness, love, and definitely lots of fun!! We may not have talked an awful lot ourselves, but I know that you’re an incredible person inside and out. You make so many other people laugh and smile every single day, and you’re an amazing friend to lots of people. People, including myself, are lucky to have you in their lives because you truly are a great person and I hope you celebrate this special day well because you deserve to. Don’t let anybody bring you down :) <3



Omg I hate you so much this is so adorable thank you baba ily <3 melonbraders awww thank you Helen, we definitely need to talk more :) <3